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The Gargano

Gargano, a hundred faces to discover.
Sacred, profane, mystical, adventurous, legendary, tasty, cordial, shadowy, cruel, insane, faithful, imaginary ...
And we could go on for a long time.
We leave other adjectives to your imagination.
Gargano, a world apart.
Before diving into the crystalline waters of our sea or lying in the sun on the golden beaches of the coast, or enjoying the coolness of the centuries-old beech trees of the Umbra Forest, or slipping among the pristine lakes, or trampling the sacred land, or breathing the extraordinary air of mistral, try to read our history a little.
Do not be surprised by the mystery that surrounds our peoples, our sanctuaries, our cultures, our food and wine, the Diomedee islands, the Saracen towers, the sea caves, the early Christian necropolises, in the tireless search for the lost Uria.
Spirituality and magic, religion and great pilgrims, popes and saints ...
Sorry, but we are not just a promontory of woods and sea, of rocks and cliffs, of pines and oaks, we are an enchanted place, where "the presences" are felt with a holy card in hand, a visit to San Pio, a ascent to the cave of San Michele, a procession of madonnas and a sorrowful woman who gathers around the five crosses, an astonished and hopeful people and a Valentine's Day that has been unleashing rain, snow and sun in half a day, for 400 years, protecting citrus fruits with intoxicating scents and entire orange-colored valleys.
And then there is a Gargano of pleasures, perfumes, excellence, delicious tastes, unique flavors.
Of fortified farms and breeders with an ancient habit of hospitality.
Woe to not taste, in their presence, the wet bread or cooked with eggs and wild herbs ...
Our fear is that you may fall in love with our Gargano, for this we will write to you separately about oil, olive trees, fruit, jams, Gargano essences ... (M.L.)

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