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liqueurs of Essenza Garganica
certified citrus processor
del Gargano with the IGP brand

Lemoncino del Gargano with
Gargano PGI lemon feminello
Citrus fruit from Gargano
Bitter lemonlivo
Forest bitter

Lemon Tree

The Gargano lemon feminello is a particular type of lemon produced (and packaged) in the province of Foggia, in the territories of the municipalities of Vico del Gargano, Ischitella and Rodi Garganico, that is the northern coastal and sub-coastal stretch of the Gargano promontory.


Even if this sort of certification is unofficial (it is assigned by a Slow Food scientific committee), the definition criteria are similar to those of certifications such as IGP and DOP , but with a much more rigid production disciplinary. The attempt is to replace the criterion of a selection of products made by public bodies, a recognition that is based only on trust in the seriousness of the choices made by an international Association. In many cases the products coincide with those recognized as traditional Italian agri-food products on the proposal of the regions by the Ministry , but Slow Food aims to guarantee a uniformity of style of the disciplinary that is missing in the regional fragmentation


The Arancia del Gargano PGI refers to the fresh fruit of the Biondo Comune del Gargano orange ecotypes and the local Duretta del Gargano cultivar, also known as “roast orange”. The skin is thin, the pulp and the juice are yellow-orange in color.

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