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"Olea prima omnium arborum est"
Among all the trees, the first place belongs to the olive tree.

Uomo che tiene le olive

Oil by tradition

Already in ancient times, the olive tree represented abundance, glory and peace.
The oil of its fruits cured diseases, nourished entire peoples and consecrated the head of the powerful of the earth.
The Mediterranean, in addition to being the cradle of civilization, is the home of the olive tree.
Yesterday as today, it is a fundamental part of the history of humanity.
The sun, water and land of the Gargano have grown centenary, immortal and generous plants that the farmer of Montagna del Sole has kept and cultivated with genuine love and passion, obtaining a particular, fragrant oil, unique in flavor and substance.

Our "Oro del Gargano" is the son of so much care and dedication to the land, often ungrateful, uncomfortable, inaccessible, of entire generations. An ancient fruit with an always surprising flavor for purity and delicacy.

Today we have Ogliarola Garganica: the Gargano Olive!
The olive trees are tall and very robust, rustic and fast growing.
Ripening begins in mid-October, with a green, elliptical fruit with a round head and rounded base.
The weight of the olive varies from 2 to 3 grams.
The oil takes on a yellow color with green reflections, sometimes spicy, with a fruity but delicate aroma.
The flavor is intense and rich in antioxidant phenolic compounds of extra virgin olive oil, a real panacea for our body: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and hypotensive properties, make our "Oro del Gargano" one of the most requested and appreciated products in Europe .

The Greeks considered the olive tree a good auspicious plant, and for each child born, a small tree was planted.
We want to do it too.
If you buy our oil, you will contribute to the planting of new trees.
With a small contribution, you can also adopt it, with a plaque that will engrave your name forever.

Uomo che tiene le olive
Uomo che tiene le olive
Bottiglie di olio di oliva

Benefits of EVO oil

EVO oil is rich in monounsaturated acids: it is therefore very useful for raising HDL cholesterol values ​​(the so-called "good cholesterol") which activates the cleansing function of the arteries, while the phytosterols present in it help to lower LDL cholesterol ( or the "bad cholesterol").

A research conducted in France on elderly subjects has shown that the regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil (EVO) is able to reduce the risk of stroke by 41%.

EVO oil helps keep blood pressure at good levels and reduce the risk of heart attack by 30% as well as giving great benefit to people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.


They are not all the same

Not all olive oils are created equal! Those recommended for a healthy and balanced diet are extra virgin olive oil and olive oils composed of a high percentage of EVO.

Only olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means can be considered extra virgin, characterized by a free acidity equal to or less than 0.8% and adequate organoleptic properties.

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