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Uomo che tiene le olive

A tree is forever, really.

Linked to the destiny of man, they have represented our life from the very beginning.

There are at least 10 good reasons to plant trees:
Because they produce oxygen.
Because they purify the air.
Because they clean the water.
Why close allies of the climate.
Because very friends of the earth.
Because they are indicators of biodiversity.
Because they are noise barriers.
Because they support and run the economy.
Because they are an aid to the psycho-physical well-being of man.
Because they are our history and our life ...

With the initiative "L'Albero della Vita", a tree planted for each new born, Garganomarket offers the possibility, to those who request it, to plant an olive tree and dedicate it to their child, wife, parent, to a friend, to a deceased loved one, in short, dedicate it to whoever you prefer.
And if you don't want to wait for a new life to come into the world, you can always choose to have the new tree planted, at any time, in the land where the olive tree has been grown for centuries and where the best extra virgin olive oil is produced. .
In the city of San Valentino, the land of love, between oranges and lemons, centuries-old olive trees and many good products of the earth, the name you have chosen will be the indisputable symbol of your love!
The trees will be equipped with a particular plate with the name of the person to whom they are dedicated.

For all the necessary information, contact 0884.991075.

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